Online TRE® Classes

Online TRE® Classes 

Join in from the comfort of your own home to develop and enjoy your TRE® practise.

This is a drop in and donation based class.

Allow an hour of your time to be guided into releasing tension from the body and invite a sense of calm and felt presence into the mind.

Whether your a seasoned TRE® explorer or new to the practise all are welcome!  This is a life long practise and unfolds as time goes by.  

These sessions are a great way to learn how you can bring TRE® into your life and be lead into a state a calm.  It is also great way to ask any questions and learn together.  

Even for the experienced TRE® explorer it is always nice to be able to switch off and be guided. 

Classes run alternating weeks – Friday’s 5.30pm and Wednesday’s 10am.

This is a private email list so if you would like to join please CLICK HERE and leave me a message.

Nothing worth experiencing in life comes easy; and the path of awakening is no exception. But the sense of strength, unity, knowing, compassion, love, light and fearlessness that you begin to feel simply by walking towards not only the truth but your own healing path is worth every painful step.