The Role Masculine & Feminine Energies Play in Healing Intergeneration Trauma

The feminine and masculine attributes and energetic qualities are both so different yet inseparable within each of us.  They are a palette of human expression that we can explore and play with to bring more polarity and balance in relationship.  Bringing balance to being in relationship to oneself and then integrate being in relationship with others.

The feminine and masculine are the yin and yang of life.

At the heart of Taoist cosmology there is a constant dance between yin and yang. 

Yin and yang refer to the light and dark sides of the mountain with the universe in a dance of polarity between these two energies.  One is not better or worse that the other.  We need both for the world to go around and so this short series is to provide thought and hopefully helpful insight to this important energetic dance.

The table below list the core attribute of the polar but complimentary opposites of the Feminine and the Masculine.

The next 2 tables list more attributes and emotional expressions. 

We can likely all relate to most attributes and emotional expressions listed above. 

Focussing on the masculine and the feminine they ideally are to be in control along a path of union with the goal being the merging of these opposites so they become and act as one.  An imbalance in these energies however creates a break in self union and disharmony in relationships.

But this is not all our doing and not always in our conscious awareness.  In recent times the world has appeared to fall into chaos and fear.  We live in an increasingly neurotic society that in places has lost courage and resolve.  In the media and entertainment industry alone a false projection has surrounded masculinity and femininity over the last 100 years. These industries have become a farce and over the next few posts I will discuss how the decline of this unconscious false projection has occurred. 

For the true co-creation of our inner masculine and feminine to thrive the awareness of how these energies have been attacked over the decades may help provide a foundation to why our inner turmoil, confusion and struggles have unfolded.  

A wise African tribe who have no connection with the modern world describe the earth as being steered by a one winged bird.  The birds flight has been with a masculine dominant wing for hundreds of years in the way of world control, dominance and oppression. 

To keep this brief ‘they’ (the people who have ruled us over decades) have tried to confuse and de polarise the masculine and the feminine in both men and women, attack the super organism of the family and now confuse the gender identity of our children.  How they have done this is for a whole different series but for now the evidence of this attack is out there for all who can see.

This unbalanced steering of mother earth however is beginning to take a turn and the feminine wing is starting to unfold.  There is immense healing yet to take place but for many this unfolding is unstoppable.  For each and every person who is willing to re-discovery how to be in true relationship with their masculine and feminine emotional expression will contribute to the feminine wing having an impactful effect over the balance of humanity.  This path of inner union is to merge the opposite so they become one. 

With conscious study and effort this masculine and feminine healing journey has a strong chance of naturally assisting the dissolving of inner human conflict, trauma and division.

With this inner equilibrium where the masculine and feminine can see divine in each other the power of being in a polarised relationship can unite in strength, love and open us to a higher consciousness. 

To create harmony the ideal is suggested 20:80 ratio in our dominant gender.  Both of these energies work in harmony and talk to each other in respectful loving ways to help co-create how we display our light to the world.

So to start the inquiry in a gentle and loving way – what has the ratio been so far for you? Look at the qualities above and how much masculine and feminine expression you have developed.  Remember much of this is unconscious development in response from the experiences you have lived through, (e.g. culture, family, relationships etc). How your parents showed up for you is likely how your masculine and feminine energies show up for you.  What did this look like? 

Did you experience a balance between the energies between both parents? Or did you experience over masculinity in the female? Maybe an over masculine mother? Or you may have witnessed over masculinity on the female? Maybe a dominant male on the mother figure? Or you may have experienced a dominant male on you?  The possibilities and degrees of dominance will vary for different people.

The intention of the questions are to invite a slow paced self reflection on how the foundational development has influenced your life and your experiences beyond.

If your dominance was in the masculine in any of the above ways it will have likely formed a pathway towards a break in self union and disharmony in relationships.

If so, this connects you to the majority of the population and provides one example of how the masculine dominance of the one winged bird has operated over humanity.   But, the good news is, this is no longer happening on an energetic manner, the feminine wing is starting to unfold.  If you didn’t come from a healthy family, help is out there to ensure a healthy family comes from you, because just like trauma can be inherited so can healing.

But for now I leave you with the possibility of a moment of self reflection to the above questions within the presence of self compassion and honour.

May the flow of life continue to embrace you,

Charlotte x

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