Welcome to a revolutionary path towards transformation and expanded consciousness through the Orynoco Pod (WSY) V4 here at Embrace Flow.
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Restore & Rebalance

The Orynoco Pod (WSY) V4 has the ability to press your energetic systems’ reset button.

What does the Orynoco Pod do?

The Pod works with the quantum field to help your body and whole being harmonise and rebalance. The combination of the three pillars allows a field of constantly balancing gravitational and magnetic forces to become present at your location. These fields open a space within your field making it easier for you to access a pure form of life force energy potentials.

The Pod can help restore balance to your whole being, including your physical body, thereby facilitating the expansion of consciousness and supporting deep states of manifestation, learning, guidance and remembering.

Ultimately the Pod allows you to have an experience with a deeper part of yourself.  By setting an intention and engaging the system with a positive mindset you can then increase the experience you have. 

As the initiator and conductor of your own reality, you will be able to use your powers of focus and intention to rebalance your fields to the highest potential available to your soul at that time. A stronger field of resonance with source energy supports your body and being to harmonise and rebalance as you connect more deeply with your inner truth, homeostasis and divine wisdom. Your system has the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments caused by external influences that could eventually lead to poor health, low states of energy and a variety of other physical, mental and emotional conditions.

Book Your Session

First free 20 minutes

You are invited to experience your first 20-minute session completely free at our peaceful River Side Studio, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire.  This will allow you to experience this re balancing energy with no obligation.

Up to 60 minutes

If you would like to experience a longer session you can choose up to 60 minutes for £45.  Throughout your experience you will be in your own space.  I will only be in the next room and will quietly hold space for you when you have finished.

Experience Feedback

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