How Lymph Influences Emotional Fatigue & Stress In The Body


When looking at any healing journey and optimising the nervous system there are neighbouring systems we can nurture to further support us.

Our lymphatic system, is often referred to as the body’s “filter”.  In my 20 years working in manual therapy it was often the most overlooked and underestimated system in the entire body.  

Your lymphatic system is an intricate and delicate network of vessels, nodes, and organs that covers your entire body. Vessels and nodes sit deep in the body and very close to the skin.

The lymphatic system identifies and filters foreign substances, absorbs fats, eliminates toxins, supports immunity, and regulates the fluid of the body, the blood volume and pressure.

Its primary function is to carry a plasma & water like substance called lymph fluid around your body.  Lymph fluid is almost 3 times more abundant than your blood making it a significant fluid in your body.  The abundance of lymph fluid amplifies the frequency of your fascia. You may remember my previous article on fascia and how fascia allows energy to transfer and how it allows effective communication between your emotions, movement and nervous system.

Your lymphatic system can become stagnant and develop blockages that can present as fatigue, brain fog, chronic infections, bloating, swelling, delayed healing and poor circulation.

Your lymph and fascia work closely together to create a cohesive structure that is always changing and moving as you change and move through the world.  By nurturing your lymph you then also aid the function of your spleen and liver, both of which are crucial for releasing stored emotions.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine the liver is a store for anger if it is not functioning properly and the spleen is related to clear thinking.

So you can see the nervous system reflects the input of its neighbouring systems. Some require assistance from a therapist which include scar release work but many you can do on your own. 

Moving in any natural form is an essential way to move lymph fluid around your body.  To help improve blocked or stagnant flow direct brushing / massages technique can be very effective.

Below is a simple 30 second lymph self care routine you can incorporate into you life straight away.

There are more extensive lymphatic brushing and self techniques you can apply.

If you would like to learn more about these techniques and how to move your lymph and elevate your emotional body please connect with me.  I work 1:1 and in groups, online and in person. What ever movement or technique you find useful know nurturing self compassion for your body and safety is a foundational component to making any effective change.

May the flow of life embrace you,


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