How Living Water Influences Emotional Fatigue & Stress in the Body


For the final part in this E FLOW series I present the profound influence of “W” for Water.

Water is super important in this series because of how it links with fascia.

Previously in the E FLOW series I shared “F” representing Fascia.  Fascia has a vital role in nervous system health given its intricate and intelligent ability to receive information from within and outside the body.

Water on the other hand is the holder of information.


How does this link with fascia?  Fascia is made up of mostly water so it has a symbiotic relationship for healthy function.

Did you know that water also makes up a staggering 99% of all the molecules, by weight, in the human body?

If fascia is receiving information, holding it in its structure, and amplifying that information throughout the body it makes it essential to ensure the quality of water is the best it can be.

By keeping the fascia hydrated, allowing it to move, stretch and encourage the unwinding of any fascial blockages we are essentially assisting the flow of information throughout the body. 

If the body isn’t moving enough, becomes dehydrated and care is not taken to unblock fascia restrictions the fascia become the ideal storage place for un processed emotions, stresses and tensions.  Fascial blockages then cascade into physical and psychological stresses.

What we do know about water mostly revolves around its chemistry. Given the amount of toxins in our tap water it is now recognised that purifying it in some way is essential, then if possible either remineralising it to structure it or adding hydrogen.

It can be very confusing all the water advise – Alkalised? Structured? Purified? Reverse Osmosis? Distilled? Hydrolysed? Hydrogenated? There are so many options and discussions and you can go down multiple rabbit holes with all the products out there.  The purpose of this article is not to cover all of the products but to bring everyone’s attention to, water is information and we must attend to its QUALITY.  

Water serves as a mirror for energy and information, reflecting and storing the energetic imprints of its surroundings. This is why the quality of the water we consume is so important.

“Structured water” refers to the organised and coherent water molecules within our bodies. This structured water plays a vital role in supporting optimal biological functions, promoting cellular hydration, and enhancing overall well-being.

So, how can we ensure that we’re consuming high-quality, structured water? It starts with choosing high-quality water sources such as spring water and using glass containers to store and drink water, avoiding plastic and metal containers that may leach harmful chemicals.  You can also use a simple spinning vortex machine I use below to structure your water.

Furthermore, engaging in positive intentions and affirmations while handling and drinking water can influence its energetic properties. 

Another change to Water that will enhance your Health is by adding Hydrogen.

There are a class of bacteria in your gut called hydrophiles that increase the absorption of all your nutrients you consume.

Hydrogen ions into the water not only improves the hydrophiles in your bloodstream it also improves the absorption of nutrient supplements in your stomach because it helps enzymes break them down.  The studies on hydrogen water and neuro-inflammatory disease and chronic inflammation are extremely encouraging.

You can buy small hydrogen bottles at a low cost, you simply press a button and it adds hydrogen ions to the water.  Below is picture a device I use to structure water (on the right) and then a device I use to add Hydrogen (on the left).  

I am not affiliated to sell any products, these are what I use personally and I am happy to share more information if you are interested.

If you have any questions or want to dive deeper into the world of water and its impact on your health, feel free to reach out.

May the flow of life continue to embrace you.

Charlotte x

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