Charlotte Tedds

  • My background is in Podiatry where I specialised in manual therapy within a functional medicine model. 
  • Working for over 2 decades within the western medical model in the UK and overseas provided wonderful teachings to how it often fails to treat the whole person and our connection to nature.
  • In search for broader modalities to calm and heal lower limb conditions I trained in Barefoot Rehabilitation®, Acupuncture, Anatomy Trains® Body Work, Yin Yoga, The Roll Model Method® and Embodiment Coaching. I then began linking this into a somatic framework and experienced profound effects both for my clients and my own health.
  • It taught me the incredible impact our experiences can have on us throughout our lives, in particular how we unconsciously hold these in our bodies.
  • I trained in Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) and Tension and Trauma Release® (TRE®) and now specialise in working with trauma, particularly in body centred approaches to reduce stress, tension and unpleasant emotional memories. I work with groups, adults and children.
  • I am very blessed to have 3 children with my husband, have recently embarked on home educating our youngest and enjoy growing our own food.
  • Please explore the different therapies I offer.  I work both in person and online.
  • I invite you to contact me to find how we might best work together.

Nothing worth experiencing in life comes easy; and the path of awakening is no exception. But the sense of strength, unity, knowing, compassion, love, light and fearlessness that you begin to feel simply by walking towards not only the truth but your own healing path is worth every painful step.

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