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Body oriented guidance on how to use the wisdom of the body to heal trauma, restore connections & nurture intuitive knowing.
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Charlotte has worked in a variety of health care settings over the last 20 years and has made many observations of trauma within her career working with clients both in the UK and overseas.  

Her intention is to educate and empower others about the effective embodied approaches to trauma healing and the important mind-body connection that allows you to move towards well-being.

By helping clients remember how to feel inside themselves again and use their relationship with the body to deepen connection to themselves and to those they love.

Charlotte combines many modalities so you have choices and options to what works best for you.




IEMT stands for Integrated Eye Movement Techniques and in short enables real time lasting change to reduce unwanted feelings. What is nice about this therapy is it’s not a talk therapy, so there is no need to disclose or share your story.

Body Based Therapy

Body based therapy consists of a variety of gentle movements that are designed to help release trapped stress and unhelpful energy from the body. Somatic exercises are the vehicle through which we slowly and intentionally bring that connection back online.

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